With 50 years experience, W Maher & Sons Ltd is equipped to carry out all aspects of traditional earthmoving and site preparation from minor housing developments to major civil engineering projects.

W Maher & Sons Ltd specialise in haulage, bulk excavation, aggregate supply, land remediation, demolition, waste disposal and waste recovery.


Our wide ranging expertise, skills and resources enable the most technical demolition projects to be carried out efficiently and safely from initial budgeting through to structural assessment to the final site clearance.

We offer demolition services for stand-alone projects, or as part of an integrated package of services. This includes expertise in asbestos removal, hazardous waste and contaminated soil disposal.

Supply of Aggregate Materials

W Maher & Sons Ltd are suppliers of construction aggregates offering our services within Package Contracts for the preparation of the site or as a single supply.

We supply the following aggregates from Primary or Recycled sources and can deliver construction materials as follows;

  • Mot Type 1
  • Mot Type 2
  • 6F1 Capping layer
  • 6F2 Crushed Concrete
  • Tarmac Plannings
  • Building Sand (Primary, Recycled, Reject, As-Dug)
  • Sharp Sand (Primary, Recycled, Reject, As-Dug)

W Maher & Sons are committed to providing an efficient service for your specifications by using materials from our own Depots around the North West.

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