Ground Remediation

We are able to provide a range of remediation services from development of design and remediation targets, full site remediation through to provision of all Validation and post contract Monitoring results.

W Maher & Sons Ltd provide professional solutions for land remediation. Our technical experts are skilled and qualified to competently remediate brownfield sites safely and economically. W Maher and Sons Ltd are also licensed for soils treatment on or off site.

W Maher & Sons provides a selection of innovative and cost effective solutions for contaminated land redevelopment including

  • Developing site Remediation targets
  • Hot spot treatment or removal
  • Disposal of contaminated wastes
  • On site or off site treatment of contaminated wastes
  • Bio-Remediation /or chemical treatment of soils
  • Soil Washing
  • Encapsulation
  • Asbestos treatment or removal
  • Soil stabilisation
  • Reclamation and re-use of demolition and construction wastes on site
  • Invasive weed control
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  • W Maher & Sons